The Taxi industry is known to be where Black entrepreneurs are found in relation to Transport Business. It is a male dominated industry with few women owning taxis and few that are drivers of taxis. It is at the taxi business scale where Blacks are measured for their management skills and operating business that ferry passengers.

The industry filtered with scandals of rude drivers and unwelcoming taxi ranks for women who are often embarrassed for wearing miniskirts is not the only major Passenger business for Black people in South Africa.

Siza Mzimela unlike many Black South Africans who chose the Taxi industry took up the bigger challenge of establishing the first airline owned by an African woman, Fly Blue Crane. Her first journey into the sky with Blue crane happened on the 15th of September 2015.

 It was a dream come true for a woman with wealth of experience in Aviation management. Siza Mzimela cut her tooth in the aviation passenger business in 2001 when she joined South African airways as executive Vice president, Global passenger services and went up the corporate ladder to become the Chief executive officer of South African airways from 2010 to 2012 for a period of 2 years. During her tenure with SAA she did very well and managed to introduce new routes.

With resounding success blue crane has been able to launch new special flights for Kimberly and Cape Town and the services will be extended beyond the busiest seasons.

 Fly Blue Crane COO, Theunis Potgieter, says there has been an overwhelming response from the airline’s customers to the service between Kimberley and Cape Town necessitating the extension of the flights beyond the initially scheduled period.

The airline also offers cargo services and plans to extend its services beyond the borders of South Africa with planned route for Botswana and other African countries.

“Fly Blue Crane has anticipated and is positioned to deliver on what customers want; the enhanced convenience of frequent flights through high on-time performance, commitment to consistent service excellence, advanced online technologies that will make the booking and travel process fuss-free, and of course highly competitive fares,” said Fly Blue Crane CEO, Siza Mzimela.

Mzimela’s Blue Crane airline offers affordable rates for flying compared to other local airlines. Flying with Fly Blue crane is an amazing luxury experience according to passengers who have boarded the airline. A Quick search on Hello Peter reveals that indeed, Fly Blue crane is going places.

It’s an inspirational journey by a Black woman to have achieved a milestone by establishing an airline. Never had she dreamt in 1991 when she got involved in the airline industry that she would own an airline one day.  It is businesswomen like Mzimela and many others that are exemplary to poor Black school kids that in spite of all life difficulties you can reach for the stars.


By Ntsako Shivambu

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