Co-Founder of Young Leaders of Tomorrow, the Nominee for the SA HEROES AWARDS

YLOT is an initiative aimed at solving societal problems, mentoring and inspiring the South African youth. #SuicideAwareness

" I myself have never been a victim of suicidal thoughts but I was in the presence of my brother when he went through such an ordeal and I saw how challenging it was for him to open about it, this motivated me to create such a platform for the youth out there going through the same, that's how YLOT came about, it is an Organization focused on solving social & domestic issues faced particularly by the youth, Creating a better SA for tomorrow, today, For the youth by the youth, " Said Mncedi.

MNCEDI NKATEKO KOBOKA, is a 19-year-old Social Activist, A model, Mentor, life coach, Lead SA Youth Hero, who is also the Founder of Plant South Africa and  Co-founder of Young Leaders Of Tomorrow.

Mncedi's passion was triggered and brought to life when he was awarded the Lead SA Youth Hero and it brought about the compassion to help others.

"I won the Lead SA Youth Hero award, when my brother and I saved a guy who had gotten shot and we were only 15 years old at the time and one of my teachers nominated me and I wasn't aware of it, but after having won the award, I really just wanted to help more people, that's when I decided to open the organization which we know today as YLOT (Young Leaders Of Tomorrow). " He said.

Ylot is a platform where people are able to accept that they are not well, this will enable them to get help. More focused on mental health issues and suicidal thoughts, as this is one of the most challenging issues that the youth are facing on a daily basis but it is not being spoken about.
The organization is all about creating a platform for the youth to talk about the issues and help each other on how they have overcome the very same issues, what's better to help youth than us as the youth talk to one another about what we going through as it's easy for us to relate to one another as the youth.

Since today's youth has a way of connecting and relating to each other without even meeting in person, YLOT decided to use that very platform to bring about change and help need in the youth community through social media platforms. They are able to reach more people who are need of such help or those who know someone who needs help by having hashtags and challenges such as The #SuicideAwarenessChallenge, which really is all about spreading the awareness of societal problems.

"I was skeptical about this nomination at first because I wasn't aware that our work is being recognized because really all we do is from the heart and compassion for people. It really is humbling to be nominated amongst world changers, laying their very lives for the wellbeing of others. A huge shout out to SA HEROES AWARDS for the recognition and to all the #YReps for keeping this organization alive and never giving up, thank you to everyone who has voted and is voting for us, really grateful. " said mncedi

Mncedi Nkateko Koboka has been nominated for the Youth Empowerment Award.

To vote for Mncedi, SMS  “Hero A3” to 45633, SMS costs R1.50

South African Heroes Awards take place on the 27th of April at Uncle Toms Community Centre in Orlando, Soweto. Tickets are R150 general & R250 VIP – available at ticketpro…/7b468dfc-6282-563e-ae96-5ca45…

Performances include Puleng March, Amstel, Mude Mude, APS D, & many more.

By Bradley Brizzy

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