Sharonlea Primary School received a special visit from Ronnie Recycler (Mpact Recycling mascot), Yasmeen Adam (Procurement Representative from Mpact Recycling) and the following Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa Semi-Finalists: Gretha Garnett, Amanda Kwaza, Khanyisile Mogashoa & Ophelia Akorli on the 7th June 2019.

Mpact Recycling is the leading paper and PET recycler in South Africa and has partnered with the Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa pageant, a women empowerment programme, for the fifth consecutive year. Through the partnership with Mpact Recycling, the top 100 Mrs South Africa Semi-Finalists are required to work alongside Mpact Recycling at schools with the aim of promoting recycling awareness, supporting fund-raising initiatives and increasing recycling volumes. Each semi-finalist has a target to generate 2 tonnes of recycling at the schools that they visit.

The Mpact Recycling Schools Programme allows schools to raise funds, as they are paid for their recyclables, whilst teaching environmental awareness, responsibility and sustainability. The partnership is valuable as it spotlights the importance of recycling. By recycling, you benefit the environment in a number of ways: it diverts recyclable paper; paper-based packaging and plastic away from landfills; reduces greenhouse gas emissions and prevents the incineration of recyclable paper.


Mpact Recycling embraces the social entrepreneurship empowerment model by partnering with local entrepreneurs to help collect recycled paper. It has a national reach - aside from 16 of its own operations in major centres around South Africa, they have over 45 buy-back centres where traders deliver waste paper and plastic for payment.

They also buy from a number of independent dealers throughout the country.

Did you know that long-life milk and juice cartons are now recyclable? Recycling your used, empty cartons is easy and only requires you to remove or lift the cap, turn out the corners, flatten and replace the cap. The flattened carton is now ready to be recycled!


(A total of 1 450 learners were impacted on the day.)


Sharonlea Primary School would like to encourage more community members and businesses to play their part in saving the environment by donating all their unwanted paper, magazines, newspapers, cartons etc. to the school for recycling. They need your contribution to help them increase their recycling volumes on a continual basis; as a fundraiser


By Bradley Brizzy

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