“ The Mandela legacy to me means that the world is a global village and we are all connected and we are all destined for greatness, having to be in the same era as the one Mandela lived in is a privilege. I learnt a lot from him, his legacy is still living and as for me on the other side who suffered for 13 years because of my skin tone and decided to forgive and make a difference instead, I would say Mandela inspired me too, that when people persecute you and discriminate against you, forgive and turn that discrimination into light and make a difference.”

As we continue celebrating youth doing the most with our July hashtag feature #YouthLivingMandelalegacy, Today we caught up with yet another ordinary young South African, who is a living testimony of Mandela legacy in action. Malapane Ntebatse Vinolia, is a 25-year-old, originally from Limpopo in Bolobedu but currently based in Pretoria South Africa. 

Vinolia had a rough childhood, being constantly bullied because of her skin tone in both primary and high school. “Sometimes going to school was very hard for me because I always asked myself what will happen today, what will they say about me, how they will laugh at me. All the jokes about dark and ugly were always about me, my life was hell", she said.

 Vinolia has always had a passion and love for beauty but because of the bullying she experienced because of the colour tone of her skin, she lost self-confidence and this went on for over thirteen years of her life. She felt isolated and as a result, she never had friends.



After passing her matric with great results she then relocated to Gauteng to further her studies. Being in the big city surrounded by different kinds of people, she slowly but surely gained her self confidence to a point where she started entering pageants. She was so good that all modelling agencies wanted to work with her. Under her first ever agency Steele Model Management, Vinolia has evolved to one of the best.

Currently she is working with designers such as House of Perris based in the UK, Didi Couture from Zimbabwe and brands like Jaguar and Land Rover.
A recent graduate from the Tshwane University of Technology and a company owner of an events company called Fashion Show with Ntebatse Vinolia, they host annual fashion shows and will be hosting this year's annual event on the 27th of July.

I got this concept from assessing the local fashion and realising that South African designers are good but they just don't have the right models to actually sell and advertise their clothes, that's where my company comes in,” she said.

A hard-working young woman she is, who believes that the sky is the limit and that no circumstances define you but your character and the decisions you make. She believes that only you have the power to access the future and life you want by your decisions; you can either let what people say about you crush you down and define you or you can stand up for what you believe in, know what you want and go for it. 

“Black child, It is possible, I know there are young girls out there suffering from depression because of their dark skin, they want to do certain things but because of their dark skin, they are not confident enough. I am here to tell you that it is possible".


 "Do not hold anything against anyone even those that talk you down, be grateful for them building your character. Do not be angry or seek revenge on anyone who once discriminated you and made you feel small or looked down on you, choose to forgive. Forgiveness is something that we do for ourselves, choose to turn that discrimination into success instead and shine with your imperfections".

"Often we as people we take criticism bad but it's sometimes good, when people criticize you they are actually building you. I was built those years but I wasn't aware. .Be authentic and proud of where you come from and do not conform for the universe to accept you, you have to be real and they will take you as you are. I am where I am because I went to school, the knowledge I got at school is opening doors for me so do not give up on education and lastly  be humble, treat everyone as an equal because as people to live we have to work together and treat each other well to make this world a better place" said Vinolia.


We celebrate you for what you are doing, and #SAPNEntertainment and #OnTheRedCouchWith- would like to say, thank you for keeping the spirit of uTata alive in the lives of the tomorrow's leaders, Halala!!! #Mandelalegacy



By: Bradley Brizzy
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