The backyard sessions started their Madiba month with their 4th-year celebration of creative empowerment, which took place in Orlando West Soweto, south of Johannesburg.



The back Yard Sessions is an event that is aimed at helping up-coming creatives (Musician’s, DJs, fashion designers, painters) from the South and in and around South Africa to showcase their crafts and network with other upcoming creatives. The aim of the event is to be able to bring a proper event Structure and platform to the south, to be able to prepare the upcoming artists for the industry because most of them sometimes don’t have the means to get to a session outside the south.


 The back yard Session is socially conscious because they believe that without the support and recognition of the community they won’t be able to do the amazing work they do with the creatives. They identified a social issue that they felt like they could assist their community with. the event that took place went hand in hand with their winter campaign that they have in place to collect all school necessities that the different students from the different schools they had identified within the community,  they also give  students who are passionate about art and creating an opportunity  to come on board and help them with the back yard sessions, and while at it also find a way to help them pursue their passion with the  different opportunities presented to them,

We want to be able to take back yard sessions to Africa soon, and making sure that the talent from our community and country is on the right path first is important, then they will be able to also teach Africa what they have learned” said Vusi


The back yard sessions want to make sure that they reach more upcoming creatives in and around South Africa that doesn’t enough resources for a platform to showcase their crafts, and be able to give them that opportunity because it might be that one opportunity that they need to kick-start their career


By: Yami Nhlenyama

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