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With Disney and other cartoon characters dominating children’s clothing lines, it’s quite refreshing to have different characters on kids clothes; ones that will also plant seeds in their lives.

Seeds 4 Kidz is a proudly South Africa company that seeks to impact children positively and empower them. It's founder, Pearl Masondo says the inspiration behind the concept came from her quest to touch lives and work for God’s Kingdom. In 2010 she was no longer satisfied with working in corporate and sought guidance from the Lord.

When Pearl learnt about how the Barbie doll came about she related the story to what she read in one of her daily devotions. “My devotion said your next opportunity could be right before your eyes, don’t look too far, and often your kids could lead you to it”, she recalls.

Not long after that her son walked in requesting to wear a specific cartoon character t-shirt, to which Pearl replied, “It’s Jesus time now, go watch your Jesus DVD”. Her son replied by saying he wished he had a Joseph t-shirt.

As any parent would do, Pearl checked on the internet for stores where she could buy her son the Joseph t-shirt he desired but found nothing. That’s when she realized her calling. She then took a leap of faith in June this year and quit her job after struggling with the idea.

 She is now dedicating all her time and energy into the business. She has a strong support structure in her husband as well as those in the manufacturing industry. Through mentorship Pearl has also been able to get all the information needed to run her business successfully.

She has since partnered with local suppliers and works with graphic illustrators. The fabric is also sourced locally.

Pearl's goal is to touch kids’ lives and inspire them through the prophetic messages on the t-shirts, gowns and cushions that they have.

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