As we celebrate women's month, SA Positive News #SAPNEntertainment and #OnTheRedCouch-with brings you the hashtag feature #Mbokodoness. In opening, we caught up with founding directors of Women Of Change, Zethu Dyasi and Prudy Lawrence. Initially found by four ladies known for their roles on the SABC dating show that was hosted by Phat Joe ‘Take me out SA’ but now only the above mentioned are left.


The organization is aimed at changing lives and empower the communities by taking females off the streets and finding them jobs, helping drug addicts in terms of getting them into rehabilitation and sponsoring sanitary towels in orphanages and homes where they cannot afford to buy them.



 “We started the organization as a group of 4 beautiful ladies but things didn’t work out as a group, we then decided to continue with my co-worker and friend, Prudence Lawrence. We are two beautiful ladies and we are continuing with the organization because we are eager to bring change and women of our calibre are seen as slay queens and so forth and life is not about that. Life is about unity, being a helping hand to someone and being nice and generous doesn’t hurt” Zetu said.


WOC is mainly focused on being a helping hand to females but it still is aimed to empower all walks of life in terms of educating and bring change to the communities in any way possible. Working with female and Male inmates on finding innovative ways of changing their lives once they are not incarcerated. The initial plan is to work with orphans and children with 3rd-degree burns at a home and many more just being a helping hand to those in need.


We were inspired to start the organization simply because we looked at the situation in the communities and it's heartbreaking seeing many teen mothers for example handicapped with shackles of poverty before he/she is given a chance to pursue their dreams. Our purpose is to educate and give back to the communities as we do believe in tomorrow, we are pushing Women of Change as a brand and campaign that strives to make a difference and providing outreach programmes to individuals that are in need of it, we are also aimed at going as far as trying to change the lives of sex workers, drug addicts as well as those with no shelter.” She said.


Though the organization has been more focused on the JHB Central as it is the central district and there is a lot happening there, but the plan is to expand into all disadvantaged communities. As a country, we are faced with a number of social and health challenges. Such as teenage pregnancy, poverty and with the highest unemployment rate, the aim of WOC is to bridge the gap and help as much as it can not through just words but rather putting them into action and bring tangible help.


Though we currently operating in the JHB CBD, the organization is not limited to that because our goal is to branch out into other residential areas and even to other provinces as well,” Zetu said.


She also pleads to all the organization’s social media followers to continue showing the support and to also inbox them with suggestions of where they can impact as an organization, where help is needed as this is their purpose because they have no idea what is happening in other surrounding areas.


Your input and suggestions can help bring change and save a life. And you can find us on all social media platforms as a woman of change. and as an organisation, we would like to advise other women never to limit others as a result of their limited thinking. Let being a woman not limit you or make you feel less but rather use the fact to stand up and empower others, be the Mbokodo that you are not only to yourself but to those you are surrounded by as well. Be a Woman Of Change, believe and invest in tomorrow” She said.



 By: Bradley Brizzy


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