“For me, the aim of MS Africa is to highlight the spirit of ubuntu and ways to unite Africa. The reason why I entered the pageant is that I am inspired by the spirit of giving back. I intend to use the platform to touch and positively impact the lives of others.


On this edition of #Mbokodoness, we are joined by a 25-year-old lady by the name of Petunia Makome from Mpumalanga (Komazi), currently residing in the city of Gold, Johannesburg. A corporate multi-award winner, humanitarian, marketing consultant and recently named Ms Africa 2020 finalist. Purpose-driven, Petunia believes that when you align yourself with the will of God and chase after the heart of God, He will always take you to the right places at the right time.

The Africa pageant was started in the year 2001 by Carolyn Baldwin-Botha, CEO of Pageants SA and who is known as the Mother of Pageantry in South Africa. Carolyn has produced literally thousands of titleholders nationally and international winners over the past 18 years, including Miss Africa which started in 2001 and Mrs Africa which began in the year 2006, with charity work being the golden thread that links this dynamic pageant system together.


With the years, came new opportunities, dynamics and most of all a movement to give dignity back to people in Africa.
“Think about what you will say to someone if you can’t even give them hope.” The truth behind these words came with meeting extraordinary women in horrific circumstances, and we learnt that you can give someone at least their dignity back under any circumstances and we vowed to use the powerful platform of the Africa Pageants to make a significant change in the African Continent. 2016 & 2017 produced magnificent titleholders who have represented Africa or their African countries at various international pageants around the globe. Africa Pageant is also the proud owners of the most prestigious Mrs Globe, Mrs Globe Classic license, United Nation International, Global United, Transcontinental, as well as many more that they are super proud of. To date, we have produced over 10 International winners in the past two years which is an outstanding achievement.


The Africa Pageants Foundation supports the AFRICAN QUEEN FOUNDATION in Africa. This project will see surgical procedures being carried out on women living with Endemic Goiter or Fistula Conditions. The aim here is to reach and treat women in the most remote and war-ridden areas who have to live with these two horrifying conditions.



I feel privileged to be a part of Africa pageants,  as a Finalist, I have the platform and responsibility to empower women and the youth, and to be engaged in social work to uplift the underprivileged and marginalised to help bring about a change in society and the country. For me, it is a huge competition and a chance to make a mark in the ambitious world.

I Invest most of my time doing charity outreach around the Gauteng Province, In these communities, I speak about the challenges young people face and how we can overcome them. I am an active ambassador for Respect and Ubuntu Foundation, Found by Mr George Moyo. R&B aims to give dignity back to Orphans. The organization strongly believe that all children have basic rights to safety, security, education, adequate nutrition and especially love and support in becoming happy and productive members of the society. For many children in Alex and other parts of SA, these basic rights remain an unattainable dream and foundation works tirelessly to make this a reality for orphans. I believe that Children are the future of our country and this is the one foundation I will continue to work with.


Petunia said the journey has been amazing and rewarding, as it has pointed her in a different direction and made her realise how much of a strong and compassionate woman she actually is. It has given her so many opportunities to think of herself as a  leader.


I don't feel like it significantly changed me as a person as much as it made me really understand who I am, what I believe in and what I stand for. I get to work with a whole lot of children and old people from underprivileged backgrounds, it exposed me to a totally different side of life and made me realise that I still have a lot of work to do. I feel like I'm now living a life of significance, I'm doing exactly what I was created to do, its fulfilling to be in a position to make a difference in other people's lives. It also made me realise that the world actually needs me, Yes, it needs Petunia. No one can do what I can do, the way I do it.” She said.


Her initial plan is to partner with a non-profit organization aimed at giving learners from underprivileged and indigent schools access to basic computer skills, preferably in Nkomazi, her home town.

South Africa can no longer afford learners who do not know how to use a computer and an initiative such as this one is one of the essential pillars in contributing to the reduction of youth unemployment and building youth entrepreneurship, these are some of the issues that need to be tackled.

Being a finalist for MS Africa means I stand a chance to become the queen that will represent our continent internationally. Should I win the crown, I will be working hard and preparing for the international competition in 2020.

I will also be working on my program, THE BLACK BARBIE LIFESTYLE, that's launching on the 9th of august. It's a personal development program, Lifestyle brand and global community for the woman who desires to make a big impact, be happy and live an abundant lifestyle. My mission is to empower ambitious women to create the life of their dreams and use their God-given talents to Make a difference. The development program strives to transform the lives of all young people regardless of their background. I am emotionally and personally invested in the issues that are affecting the woman and I intend to build a tribe of the great woman who will follow in my footsteps and contribute to the growth and future of our country, continent and ultimately the world in any way possible.”

As we are celebrating women’s month, Petunia has the following advice to her follow #Mbokodonesses.


Just believe in yourself, have faith in your capabilities and also know your own limits. Be a  happy person inside, because I think that is most important. Ask the right questions, Why do you want to be MS Africa, do you want to touch and change lives? are you willing to go above and beyond to realise your dreams? if you enter for the right reasons, that is to make a difference, God will always send the right people to aid you on your journey. "Smiles"


To vote for Petunia, please SMS MS03 to 47018


By: Bradley Brizzy

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