Red Bull Dance Your Style is a battle concept where the emphasis is on bringing people together in the celebration of dance, music and performance and recreating the social, party atmosphere and vibe that all the street were derived from.


One of a kind Dance battle with no panel of judges to vote for the winner but rather the winner of each battle being decided by the crowd votes. 'Dance Your style is about performance and dancer showmanship first, ahead of judging on the more technical aspects of a style. By allowing the crowd to be the judges, dancers are free to express their personality and character, as in the end the one who can win the crowd with their performance and individuality becomes the winner'


One of the most complex yet simple dance battles in the world, Dance Your style celebrates any and every street dance with unpredictable music, outgoing dance personalities and with the crowd having to be the judges. On Saturday the RedBull Dance Your Style South Africa held their finals at the Music Factory in Newtown Johannesburg. And indeed brought in all walks of life, from all walks of street dance, music lovers and those who just like a good get together.

With performances from some of the best dancers in the country, 14 finalists brought the house down as they battled to take the crown as RedBull Dance Your Style South Africa 2019 winner and to head to Paris, France and compete in the world championships.

Dancers brought the A-game from battle one as it was knockout battles which brought us to the final battle between Itshu' prince SA, sbhujwa dancer from Johannesburg (Soweto) and Leeshane, the all styles dancer from Cape Town.

Fighting for the title in a three-round battle, which brought heat and gave the crowd what they came for. The battle was really intense with full of stunts, crowd engagement, crowd hype, a true lituation which was a bit difficult for the crowd to decide the winner as both dancers brought the house down.


And the crowd made their decision and Lee-Shane Booysen was crowned the 2019 RedBull Dance Your Style South Africa winner and he is set to represent the country the world championships in October.

We managed to catch up with Leeshane and he had this to say "If you making excuses then you gonna live a mediocre life, We as the youth need to stop making excuses, I come from a very poor household where sometimes you go to bed without food, I come from a gang-infested area where I almost lost my life. There are no excuses, use what you have and go get what's yours. I am definitely going to use this platform and influence to give back to the youth especially in my community where its full of violence. As I head to Paris, I am not taking anything for granted as I am going to be representing the whole continent. Thank you to Redbull for giving us this platform to showcase our talent, gifting and passion. A huge thank you to my family and friends for the support"





By: Bradley Brizzy

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