Her involvement in a variety of activism spaces led to her being nominated for the Woman of the year award 2019.



A woman of stature according to the organization’s website is a woman who embodies integrity, excellence, emotional and professional maturity, selflessness and empathy. This woman is making an impact in her industry through her exceptional leadership style, excelling in her area of expertise and empowering others with her expertise. This woman is Thato Mphuthi.


Born and bred in Soweto, Mphuthi is a women and children’s rights advocate, specializing particularly in women empowerment. She began her activism journey in 2015, inspired by the need to bring about change and understanding that activism is one of the most powerful tools to ensure that change is brought about. 


“I work with adolescents as well as young adults. I am currently leading a group called Young Urban Woman, which is an advocacy group that deals with issues affecting the lives of young women.” Mphuthi said.


She ensured to add that “We focus on things like economic justice, we look at sexual and reproductive health rights, decent work, unpaid care work and how to practice healthcare as a young woman and also as a survivor of either, gender-based violence or sexual harassment.”


Mphuthi later joined the One in Nine Campaign, which is an organization that supports survivors of sexual violence. Since then, she became actively involved and engaged in a variety of advocacy spaces, which include but are not limited to, The Total Shutdown, Activate, and Wits RHI’s Community advisory board. Throughout her years of service, she displayed exceptional leadership skills, which later saw her occupying positions such as being an executive committee for the Community Advisory Board.


Her involvement in a variety of activism spaces led to her being nominated for the Woman of the Year award 2019, which is a Woman of stature initiative that gives recognition to women contributing positive change in their communities. This is not her first time being recognized for her positive contribution. Earlier this year, she was nominated for the South African Heroes Awards under the category of Youth Development.


Mphuthi recently graduated at the Central Johannesburg College after completing her course in Management. She also plans to pursue a degree in Social Sciences and is currently working on authoring her autobiography, which will be published in due course.




By Lwando Mqokweni

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