A group of pupils is proving that South Africans are always right - at least, when it comes to an argument.

Team SA has won an international debating competition, beating 18 other countries in the process.

Two world class arguers 16 year-old Clara-Marie Mtsheke and 17 year-old Clair Rankin attended the international moot court competition.

They wowed a panel of global law experts and judges during the competition, which brings together students from different backgrounds to hone their skills as future lawyers.

Their challenge was to defend a fictitious war criminal.

Team SA picked up immediate problems with the charges against their make believe client, accused of supplying weapons to bomb a church.

“We believed that he didn’t do it. That he wasn’t guilty. Firstly, he had no knowledge of where the weapons were going to, it was out of the army’s own accord and secondly we submitted that the army was a military objective and it was okay to bomb it,” said International Moot Court Competition Winner, Clara-Marie Mtsheke.

And it’s exactly those skills of building a solid argument that the panel of world legal experts and international judges in the Netherlands were looking for.

Thrilled with their win, they are considering a lifetime of robust argument.

“I want to study law. I want to work as a state advocate, so basically a high level prosecutor or I want to work as a human rights lawyer one day,” said Mtsheke

Their Pretoria team mate, Shandre Smith, had already enrolled at Wits University and is studying law.

Source- eNCA

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