One of the challenges graduates are faced with when they are ready to enter the job market is lack of (practical) experience in the field they’ve just qualified in, resulting in an increase in the number of unemployed graduates. In the light of this, Anointed Media – a company housing SA Positive News - offers training to media studies students.

Anointed Media offers practical training to media students with an interest in on-air radio career. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals prepares students for the exciting world of radio broadcasting. We offer training in RADIO NEWS PRODUCTION which includes; sourcing, scripting, compiling and presenting. We also train students in RADIO PROGRAMMING which entails creating radio content, structuring a radio programme and tools to use in creating content.

This training is also offered to community and campus radio stations to enhance the broadcasting skills of their presenters. The Radio News Production training programme runs over a 2 day period and comes with a free demo recorded at our studios in Northcliff. Radio Programming training is done in a day and also comes with a free demo.

Contact Anointed Media on (011) 782 1827 or 079 831 8759 for more information.